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Well she did get elected and I ended up with her for my judge. She just took my son, who is less than 2 years old, gave him to his father- who has been convicted of domestic violence, is an ex convict, and who has also failed multiple drug tests, prior to her 3 other courts had left me with primary custody.

We go in front of her and her decision is a 180 from all other courts, using all the same arguments and evidence. As it turns out, she was partners in a law firm with my ex's attorney.

It was never disclosed. She is as crooked as they come, god help my son.

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So, Judge Rena Hughes thinks it's appropriate for her to preside over a case when the judge's lawyer relative is affiliated with counsel of record. She refuses to recuse herself from the case.

ALL rulings have been in the favor of the litigant represented by Judge's relative's law firm regardless of what the laws and facts of the case require the judge to do plus there is other unethical conduct. By the way, this is not a law firm with 50 attorneys. It's a two lawyer firm - Judge's relative ( who is on her recusal list) and the other attorney who is the face of the law firm in the case.

A lawyer (with 25 years experience and a very successful family law attorney) told us that Rena Hughes cannot preside over a case where Judge's lawyer relative ( Audrey Beeson) is affiliated with counsel of record. Now the decision on 'motion to recuse is in front of Judicial Officer Bell Linda Marie, we have to see whether she takes the right decision.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VikxxnmXr33PdaxlqRHyUW_ZPh-bITaF/view


Rena has a pattern of taking children away from one parent. She needs classes in constitutional rights, Due process rights, equal protection rights and constitutional parental rights. They cannot let so much power go unchecked with an evil judge ripping apart families.


Immediately after her disciplinary hearing in Reno, Judge Rena Hughes is pulling shenanigans in her pending cases desperately trying to prove her point and in retaliation to the voice the litigants raised objecting to her unethical behavior in multiple cases. By doing this, she is further creating evidences of her own corrupt behavior.

Her blatantly corrupt proceedings that make the racketeering case for us right on the record.

So that means instead of educating herself and working on being an impartial judge, she is further working on becoming more corrupt and working on getting even with the litigants who tried to object to the injustice done to them in her courtroom. Beware she is going to further mess up your cases in retaliation!


Why is government not doing anything about this corrupt judge on the bench. Looks like there is more to Judge Rena Hughes behavior than meets the eye.

There should be FBI investigation in all her cases and her association with the attorneys she rules in favor of. Also she needs a thorough psychological evaluation.

She is accomplice to child rape. She is dangerous to public.


This Judge does not make rulings according to evidence. She’s a corrupt Judge who needs to be removed from the bench for the sake of keeping children safe.


Judge Hughes screwed me over.

to CS Gifford #1481705

How so?


Agree 100 percent!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Honorable Judge Hughes,

I applaud you for standing up for Fathers that want to see their children!

I paid my child support which at one time was $1508.00/mo when I was being denied my children, I went to court for visitation after my daughter's Mother and Stepfather moved my children from Las Vegas to Overton/Logandale making my visitation next to if not impossible! I had visitation scheduled by the Judge Gaston’s Court after my Ex denied his need to recuse himself as he had divorced her and I and he had married my then present wife and I.

My Family and I were successfully alienated from my daughters (ages 9 & 13 at the time) by their Mother and Step-father in 2002, Metro in Logandale refused to enforce my court ordered visitation, Judge Gaston did nothing to her for her willful contempt of the court order! So after a year and a half in court and her not following the order for visitation I asked for a change in custody as I felt it was the only way insure my visitation ; at which point they then asked for Judge Gaston to step down and asked for a new Judge after we’d been in court for 1.5 years! My Ex had welfare checks performed at my lovely house by the police, she refused to write a note for my oldest daughters absence from school causing her to be brought into the office to sign a Metro ticket for truancy, then she made the exchange take place at the McDonalds in Overton causing more exposure to the police with my daughters and creating a hostile environment, and after all that when the eldest graduated from High School my Ex placed a protective order on me in Moapa Court claiming I was driving past their house and she was in fear of her life! I to this day have never seen the house they lived in after they had moved from Overton to Logandale!

Never did I drive 140 miles round trip just to look at a house after going out there 3 times and returning without my children even with their Grandfather was in the car with me who at the time who was dying of Cancer! I asked the Officer to bring my daughters over and have them tell me themselves they didn’t want to go with me and the Officer refused and then he threatened to arrest me because I became boisterous. I was fighting to see my girls! The Court had allowed my daughter's Step-father to carry them on his insurance for free and I was to pay the difference in support and that cut me off of any notice of my children being ill until I received a bill from my Ex at the end of each year for my portion of the medical which I didn’t know if they were even true claims or not.

My daughters had to sneak to call me from the Overton Post Office Pay Phone collect to speak with me because my Ex listened in and they weren’t allowed to openly call me. When I told this to Judge Gaston I never received another phone call from either of my girls! I presented the book “The Parental Alienation Syndrome” to the court because it was as if my Ex and her husband had written the book themselves!

In steps the lovely Cheryl Moss, who denied and evidentiary hearing, did not award a change in custody and admonished me before the court for my motion!

Success for my Ex! Bye Bye Daddy! That was in 2002! I have not seen my children since to spite my attempts!

One daughter is married with a child and another on the way and I haven’t seen my granddaughter either not to mention the Step-father gave away my daughter! Someone needs to stand up for Fathers who pay their support and want to be in their children’s lives in spite of their mothers wanting a simplified life by getting rid of the Fathers! My parents helped raise those girls and both my parents died one in 2004 and the other in 2014 and they both died not seeing their grand babies! They did nothing to deserve that!

Here’s Judge Moss’ words verbatim and nothing else and out I walked never to see my children again!

Mr Kohl I see no reason for an evidentiary hearing, I am not going to award a change in custody, and I admonish you to never bring a motion like this before my court ever again! DADDY GONE! SUCCESSFUL ALIENATION! I would be more than happy to speak to you of my experience and in your defense after seeing the article about you in the paper telling the 12 year old girl she had to go see her father!

I should have been able to see my children too! There was no evidence, claims or charges of abuse in my house, I paid my support and followed the court order to a T! The courts have been screwing Fathers for decades!

Women vilify us and treat us like we’re just sperm donors and have no problem taking our support while alienating us from our children! I am sick to death of the feminist throwing the lady card and playing the victim at every corner while they vilify us, take our money and our children!

to Richard D. Kohl Jr #1428292

Fyi... Your honorable judge made it into the paper today because of her horrible conduct


I was alienated from my daughters by their mother in 2002 when they were 9 & 13 and I haven’t seen them since! I gave their mother my house that I owned and purchased with my VA Loan before her!

They sold it and financed their move to Overton/Logandale creating distance! Then accusations of me driving by their house 140 miles round trip which was bullshit! Then false accusations of threatening her and Moapa Court issuing a *** protective order for something I did not do! The stepfather gave my oldest daughter away and she has one child and another on the way!

I haven’t seen any of them!

And I paid ALL MY SUPPORT $1508/mo

Yay Judge Hughes!

Dad’s have rights too! I won’t quit telling my story of alienation until either I see my daughters or take my last breath which ever comes first!

to Richard D Kohl Jr #1427031

Maybe you should stop being such a woman hater and actually READ the cases. Judge Hughes gave my ex SOLE CUSTODY (criminal on drugs) with NO HISTORY, EVIDENCE, OR REASONING...

She is straight out EVIL. She chooses a winner and a loser straight out and doesn't care what the evidence or the truth says. Yay Hughes??? Because she decided to ruin the women instead of the men to make her money???

When did you stop caring about the kids??? This is ABOUT MONEY. Otherwise we all would be getting EQUAL CUSTODY like they do in Sweden. Yay Hughes???

If you read any other cases she's done, you'd know in November she chose to let a little boy live, SOLE CUSTODY, with HIS MOTHER and maternal GRANDFATHER. Even after the kid pleaded with counselors and doctors, CPS , multiple people affirming the boy IS RAPED BY HIS GRANDFATHER SO OFTEN HE ISNT HEALING, she not only doesn't cute change her decision, she actually takes MORE TIME away from a father being forced to ALLOW THE CONSISTENT RAPE OF HIS SON WHO HE CAN'T PROTECT ANYMORE. As i CAN'T PROTECT MY KIDS. Its been two years and I'm still fighting.

SHE DECLARED in a surpise decree that the menial paycheck job, she forced me to get after they LOCKED ME OUT OF MY HOME and a 13year career as a graphic artist, he took the business SOLELY IN MY NAME, dissipitated it, reopened under a different name, got exclusive possession, paid his attorney WITH MY BUSINESS ACCOUNT. All due to a FALSE TPO REPORT claiming he was sucker punched in the nose. All by a man with a violent criminal past ( 2 TPOs ), pages long--

I have never been to court or arrested in 42 years. I was respectful, did every insane thing i was told to, paid thousands of dollars borrowed against my future and am now demeaning myself to try to pay for what's next still not wanting to give up.

I don't get anything-- after 13 years of marriage where i never had access to money, he told the court we made 10-12 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. She even robbed by daughter of a dance career she fought for by training 5-8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, for eight years... Her dream was coming true-- she was scheduled to be the new maddy for the new season of dance moms-- her dream-- and with two words-- OFF THE RECORD-- she screamed at me--




A N Y M O R E My daughter is not the girl she was two years ago she i watched her personality and ambition diminish away not long after she began losing her abs and core strength. Her peers she was levels ahead of all have moved past her and are traveling the world and on multiple tv shows while she is being groomed in another direction.

Raised by the television, video games, and fast food. I was an amazing mom, asked for JOINT EQUAL CUSTODY THE ENTIRE TIME, claiming the kids need love from both parents. My husband told me when i asked him for a divorce that i made my bed and now I'm going to lay in it.. I just wanted out of my emotionally abusive marriage.

My kidneys are failing and I'm getting panic attacks from PTSD. I used to be an amazing mother. I used to be a strong and happy woman. N O T A N Y M O R E !!!

They never had any evidence EVEN ONE of the false claims had any POSSIBILITY of being true. Until this very moment. I just might turn into the crazy PSYCHO *** {{redacted}} they had me pegged for while i fought to get MINUTES with my kids. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you were just an ignorant reatard praising this HORRIBLE PIECE OF *** for MALICIOUSLY hurting a MOTHERS HEART just because SHE CAN???

NOT ANYMORE! I'm sick of these monsters having NO ACCOUNTABILITY.


to PsychoBitchWhore-702 #1429391

I completely understand and agree with you. Though I am a father who has had an impeccable record, the Court allowed her attorney to do the unthinkable- hide the kids for 30 days, allege domestic violence, make every false statement humanly possible- because it didn’t matter.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence contradicting her claims, judge ruled in favor of her. Did not even acknowledge my claims.

She was represented by an attorney, Mr Smith who contributed significantly to the judge’s election campaign.

I’m speaking w the DA as an avenue but have experienced the identical treatment you have only from a man’s perspective.

How can she be deemed as a representative of a child’s best interest?

See what your ex’s attorney’s name is and his/her relationship with Hughes.

Follow the money and you will know the reason for his preferential treatment.

I’ll guarantee his attorney has some relationship w Hughes.

to lvmanshocked #1429877

Mark anderson of Smith Law group


to Richard D Kohl Jr #1496826

I assume your daughter is an adult since she got married, why wouldn’t she ask you to come to her wedding? Her mother can’t stop her from that...


I need help!!

She’s doing the same to me, no one will listen, not even my attorney

Please fb me... Elena Yurik



to WILBERT HOLMES #1412377

I need help!!

She’s doing the same to me, no one will listen, not even my attorney

Please fb me... Elena Yurik

to WILBERT HOLMES #1412384

I need help!!

She’s doing the same to me, no one will listen, not even my attorney

Please message me


Same judge took my daughter too and awarded my ex sole custody

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